March 2018 Minton’s Monthly

Craft Beer In America or An Overpriced Housing Market??

For this month of St. Patrick’s Day I wanted a change of pace. This Minton’s Monthly was going to be all about the exciting world of craft beer in America.
I wanted to honor my heritage and my dad, Robert Regan, a memorable man who had a healthy respect for outstanding brews long before America’s craft beer revolution. (Ask me about our 1977 German beer tour, while I was a student in Munich…)
But then the Wall Street Journal’s “Daily Shot” came out today and spoiled my plan.
It seems market indicators show the housing market is overpriced by 16%. 

We are also seeing a substantial increase in first-time homebuyers.

Now it is one thing to hear about rising prices due to lack of inventory, rising interest rates and new buyers coming into the market. It’s another to actually see the numbers laid out before you.
How this impacts you and your plans, depends on your unique situation.
For sellers, it’s a sweet position. An opportunity to reap the rewards of an overpriced market.
For buyers, while it’s a challenge to jump into this market, with interest rates sure to rise, the sooner the jump the better.
Reach out to me with your questions, comments and concerns.
In closing, please join me and during this month of March, through the lens of craft beer, marvel at the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans. In 2018 we have more than 6,000 craft brewers in America. In 1977 we had less than 50.

Bob Regan would be proud.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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